Personal Character Art
When I'm not working on school or paid work, my passion is character design. I've been creating my own characters since I was young, whether it be for D&D or personal affinity. Currently, I'm concepting my own comic and experimenting with diversifying the world of character design, aiming to break barriers with the ideas of gender and sexuality we tend to see in mainstream media.

Asra, He/Him

Chrysaor, He/Him

Unnamed, He/Him

Unnamed, He/Him

Mars, He/Him

Mercury, They/Them

Unnamed, They/Them

Catalyst, He/Him

Echo, He/Him

Icarus, He/Him

Inder, He/Him

(Top to bottom) Alexandrite, He/Him. Aldea, She/Her. Althidon, He/Him. Plume, He/They

Star, They/Them

Lillith, He/Him

, He/Him

Bruno, He/Him

Jester, He/Him

(Left to right) Milan, He/Him. Darcy, He/Him. Alois, He/him. Luca, He/Him. Haruka, He/Him

Calcimir, He/Him

Bly, He/Him

Ignis, He/Him

Sidra, He/Him

Idrrius, He/They/She

Sasha, He/Him

Casimir, He/Him

Ambrose, He/Him

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